You downloaded GolfStatus.
Good decision!

GolfStatus makes golf more fun with easy ways to track your game and chances to win rewards from brands and courses. To make your user experience as smooth as possible, here are a few basics to get you going.

Once you’ve logged into the mobile app, you’ll arrive at the home screen. This is where the magic starts. Most of the time, you’re going to want to Check In or Play.

Check In

Whether you’re practicing, playing, or just stopping by the course for an Arnold Palmer, check in. Check-ins spur meetings with friends, mark snapshots of great courses you’ve been to, and make it easy to capture the moment.

If you’re the sharing type, use the GolfStatus app to keep your social networks in the loop. Checking in and sharing can result in some great rewards from courses, brands, and sponsors.



To start a round, tap Play from the home screen or from a course’s detail page. After selecting your course, selecting or adding players, and choosing whether to use hole-by-hole GPS, tap Play. Keeping score is simple; just enter your score and swipe to advance to the next hole. You can always jump to a specific hole, or view the full scorecard, using the options in the lower right corner of the app.

When you finish your round, hit the green check mark button. Be sure to write a brief message about the round (e.g. Carded my first eagle on hole 11!) and share online for more chances to win. After submission, rewards may be available for personal bests, scoring achievements, sharing, and more.

Full Mobile Guide

The basics above will get you going. However, if you’re interested in learning more about the many features GolfStatus has to offer, check out the full GolfStatus Mobile Guide.