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GolfStatus features free, battery-efficient, hole-by-hole GPS for every course in the country. Users take advantage of accurate yardage to the front, back, and center of every green.



Battery Efficient

Apps that run all the time in the background of mobile devices take a toll on battery life; the golfers phone can barely make it through nine holes, let alone 18. GolfStatus was developed to be as battery efficient as possible. In fact, the GPS feature turns off automatically while the golfer is utilizing other features in the app, then loads quickly when it's needed.

Accurate Yardages

GolfStatus utilizes user location data to deliver yardages to the front, back, and center of every green on courses all over the country. The app also displays accuracy indicators, so users know the data is reliable.

One App for All

GolfStatus is the all-in-one hub for everything players need: GPS, scorecards, round tracking, historical stats, in-app rewards, and more. There’s no need for multiple apps or devices, streamlining the experience for the golfer, and providing unprecedented opportunities for courses to connect with customers.