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Advanced Stats

Every golfer wants to be better. Understanding round performance on a consistent basis is the key to short- and long-term improvement. The Advanced Stats feature in the GolfStatus app is an easy way to track performance in detail, and provides players, coaches, and pros key insights into specifics on performance over time.


Stats By Round

With advanced stats, golfers track their performance during every round, including fairways and greens hit in regulation, number of putts, misses left or right, scrambles, penalties, and more. Golfers also receive a round summary at the end of each round to gauge overall performance. Stats can be filtered to compare results over time for golfers interested in calculating averages and looking at trends. Maybe there’s a particular hole or type of hole you consistently struggle with, or a course that proves especially difficult. Advanced Stats helps your size up the specifics on those weak spots.


Stats By Hole

When you want to delve even deeper into your performance on the course, take a look at hole-by-hole stats, including fairways and greens hit in regulation as well as the direction of a missed fairway or green. Instead of scribbling it onto a scorecard or trying to rely on memory, you can see your specific stats and crunch the numbers over time.


Extensive Data

Detailed stats also provide insights into improving play, something all golfers want. Data for each round is automatically compiled in the app and can be referenced at any time. The more you play, the more extensive your stats become. Stats are even displayed in easy-to-read visuals so golfers can quickly identify strengths and weaknesses.


Easy To Use

The simple interface is designed to allow golfers to easily input key information, so you can track stats that matter without disrupting your game. Everything fits on one high-contrast screen so information is easy to see (even on sunny days) and there’s no complicated navigation; just a few taps and you’re done. What’s more, Advanced Stats is free! No cost to download the app and no extra charge for premium features—that’s the GolfStatus way.


The bottom line? The Advanced Stats feature includes everything you need to size up your weak spots and play better rounds.