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Tournament Management


Streamline Tournaments

TMS from GolfStatus is a game-changer for golf tournament organizers.


Manage registrations, organize sponsorships and mobile exposure, streamline setup, drag and drop hole assignments, and instantly score outings—all in one place. TMS makes it easy, and provides exposure to sponsors and contributors in ways never before possible!



How much does it cost?


Seriously. It’s free.


Simple & Intuitive

Like every GolfStatus solution, TMS is designed to be incredibly easy. We’ll walk you through tournaments from start to finish, and our customer success team is here to help if you need a hand. The software defaults to parameters common to most outings, but advanced settings let you outline additional specs for your tournament. From there, you can edit rules, set up leaderboards (name and add flights), edit tee settings, and edit scorecard information.




Time Saving Automation

Format and print tee sheets and cart signs instantly. We’ve eliminated many of the prep steps. No need to write out tee sheets or cart signs—TMS automatically fills in the information and formats everything. You just click print.


Time is money, and I usually go in streaks where I run four or five events in an eight-day period. When I have something I can just plug in and print, that’s huge!
— Mark McMahon, PGA / Cedar Rapids Municipal Golf Courses




Effortless Scoring

Perhaps the biggest advantage and time-saver of TMS is that it automates scoring during and after the round—freeing up tons of time. When you don’t have to devote hours to calculating scores, you not only reduce the margin for error, you free up course staff to engage golfers and provide better service. The result is a better-run tournament, and a better experience overall for golfers and sponsors.

 Display live leaderboards during the event on the clubhouse TV and on players’ mobile devices.

Display live leaderboards during the event on the clubhouse TV and on players’ mobile devices.



Retain sponsorships and save tons of time and resources doing it, thanks to a little help from golf’s simplest and most effective technology.


Increases Revenue

Sponsors have the opportunity to extend pin prizes through instant or sweepstakes rewards delivered to golfers through the GolfStatus app. Tournament organizers can customize these rewards and offers quickly and easily using the web-based GolfStatus partner dashboard.




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