People like having the chance of winning free stuff and GolfStatus not only does that, but it also helps golfers keep track of their own results within the app. Most people should track that anyway so it gives them an extra incentive to do it.
— Patrick Hanzel
The best thing about the app is its functionality on my iPhone and the daily / monthly prizes. The prizes are great and the app is a breeze to use.
— Ross Wenzel

I think the best thing about GolfStatus is that you can track your score for free and you can also compare your scores from previous golf rounds. I also like that you can earn rewards for just doing what you love and it doesn’t matter what your score is. I like that you can see where you are at on the leader boards and on the point leader boards. Lastly I like that you can see what your friends scores are.
— Noah Beekman
I think that GolfStatus is a great app. It allows you to keep track of your stats from your yearly rounds, and it allows you to be rewarded. These both are great because you can look back at the stats from the year and know how many birdies you made and what your best round was. And rewards, well we know that those are great.
— Grahm Peschel
I would say that the ease of the app’s use is the best thing about GolfStatus. It is so easy to navigate and to look back to past rounds. I appreciate the ability of the app to sort of ‘run itself’ during a round, and there isn’t much to mess up! For someone who is not necessarily ‘tech savvy’ I appreciate this aspect of the app.
— Katie Nelson
I use GolfStatus every time I play which is not as often as I would like. I really enjoy the scorecard feature and I use it often. It’s easy, fun and convenient.
— Christian Deane
The best thing about GolfStatus is seeing all of the golf courses around my area and within miles of my location. I like this because it gives me and my friends an opportunity to golf at courses that we would not have known about.
— Corbin Van Dusen
GolfStatus is very helpful! I love how you can capture your round, whether it’s your lowest round or lowest score on a hole ever! Golf status is pretty perfect. I can’t put my finger on one problem the app has. I love it!!! Thanks
— Cameron Gambini
I think the best thing about GolfStatus is just the convenience of all of the tools in the app. I’m pretty new to golf but being able to see round to round my improvement is awesome and its way better than trying to keep track of score cards
— Mike Rollman