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Playing a Round

To start a round, press “Play” from the home screen or from a course’s detail screen. Select your course and select or add players, then press “Play.”

Keeping score is simple; just enter your score and swipe to advance to the next hole. You can always jump to a specific hole, view the full scorecard, or submit your round early from the lower right portion of the scorecard.

When you finish your round, hit the green checkmark button. Be sure to write a brief message about the round (e.g. Carded my first eagle on hole 10!), press the Facebook and Twitter icons, and submit.



Managing Your Rewards

Rewards appear after they have been earned. When a reward appears, you can press “Accept Your Reward” to claim it or “I'm not interested in this reward” if you don’t want to claim it. After you claim a reward, GolfStatus will send you the reward, along with redemption instructions, via email.



Using GPS

When setting up a round, GolfStatus provides the option to use FREE, hole-by-hole GPS, with accurate yardages to the front, back, and center of every green (note: this feature will not appear unless you are close to the course). GolfStatus also provides an accuracy meter, so you know if the cellular network is acting up in your area.



Searching for Courses

To search for courses, select “Courses” from the menu. The app will automatically populate a list of courses closest to your location. However, you can also search for courses by zip code or by name by typing in the “Search” box.


Finding & Adding Friends

To find friends on GolfStatus, select “Friends” from the menu. This screen will display a list of your current GolfStatus friends. At the top, you can select “Find Friends” to search for friends who may already be GolfStatus members.  After your search, click on your friend’s name to see their profile. From there, you can send a friend request by selecting “Add as a Friend.” You can also "Invite Friends" who are not currently GolfStatus members. 

Managing Requests

You can manage requests by clicking on the megaphone icon in the upper right-hand corner of the “Home” screen. This will take you to the requests screen, which shows three types: (1) Scorecard Confirmation Requests, (2) Tee Confirmation Requests (GHIN), and (3) Friend Requests. Each type of request can be deleted by pressing the edit button on iPhone (upper right) or by pressing and holding the individual request on Android.

Scorecard Confirmation Requests appear when someone else has kept score for you on their phone. These requests let you confirm or dispute the round.

Tee Confirmation Requests, or GHIN requests, appear only if you have connected your GHIN handicap account (see “Managing Your GHIN Handicap” below). These requests allow you to easily post your scores to GHIN after completing a round.

Friend Requests appear when someone has requested to connect with you on GolfStatus. You can approve or deny each request.

Viewing Personal Bests & Rounds Played

Your personal bests and past rounds played are located on your “Profile” screen. You can access this screen by clicking on "Your Profile" in the menu. From your “Profile” screen, you can select “Personal Bests” or “Rounds Played.” Click on the “>” to view the details of each round or personal best. You can also view the personal bests and rounds of other GolfStatus members in the same manner by going to their “Profile.”

Viewing Leaderboards

There are two types of leaderboards on GolfStatus: (1) points leaderboards and (2) check-in leaderboards.

Overall leaderboards can be accessed under “Leaderboards” in the menu. These leaderboards show the overall points and check-in leaders on GolfStatus and can be filtered by “All Time” and “This Month.”


Managing your GHIN Handicap

If you keep your handicap with GHIN, GolfStatus makes it easy to post your scores. To get started, go to “Settings” from the menu. Scroll down to GHIN, type in your GHIN number, and press the green check-mark in the upper right-hand corner to save. Also, make sure your last name matches the last name you use with your GHIN account.

Once your GHIN account number is saved, you will be able to post to GHIN after your round when you keep score, and you will begin to receive tee confirmation requests (see “Managing Requests” above) when someone else keeps score for you. These requests will allow you to post your scores to GHIN.

Uploading Your Profile Image

To upload a profile image, go to “Settings” from the menu. On the Settings screen, the first thing you will see is a default profile image next to your name. Press the "Change Avatar" language to upload a profile picture of your choice.

Calling a Course & Getting Directions to a Course

From the menu, select “Courses” and then select the course you want to call or find. Press the “Call” button to call or the “Directions” button to get directions.

Requesting Help or Providing Feedback

If you ever need help or want to report a problem, you can reach GolfStatus by pressing the “Send Feedback or Report a Problem” button under “Help.” This screen can be accessed from the menu.