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Print Advertising

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Download Media Kit

GolfStatus Print Advertising

If you’re looking to reach key decision makers in the golf industry, including owners, operators, and management companies in need of course maintenance equipment, GolfStatus magazine gets you there. Distributed seasonally directly to course owners, operators, and management companies, GolfStatus magazine reaches an exclusive audience of owners and operators all over the country.

In partnership with—the leading resource for farm and mowing equipment— GolfStatus advertisers reach buyers through targeted print distribution and featured equipment listings online that receive priority placement on

Ad Size/Rate (USD)
CenterFold: $2,990
Two-Page Spread: $2,780
Back Cover: $2,590
Inside Back Cover: $1,990
Inside Facing Back Cover: $1,990
Full Page: $1,390
Half Page: $990
Quarter Page: $590

Print Advertising Rates

Ad rates include using color logos and color photos. Additional colors, backgrounds, bleeds, starbursts, et cetera are available at a rate of $50 per ad. Backgrounds are considered any solid color, graduated screen, or graphic. Bleed is color that runs off the page and is outside of the live area. Contact your sales representative for clarification on these charges.


Advertising Sizes

Advertising Sizes

Print Advertising Sizes

Trim on full-page advertising is 8.125- x 10.75-inch or 20.64- x 27.305-cm (48p9 x 64p6).
Bleed is 8.375- x 11-inch or 21.273- x 27.94-cm (50p3 x 66p).

Live area for all ad sizes is listed below:

Ad Size Size in Inches (width x height) Centimeters Picas
Back Cover 7.5 x 10 19.05 x 25.4 45p x 60p
Inside Back 7.5 x 10 19.05 x 25.4 45p x 60p
Inside Facing Back 7.5 x 10 19.05 x 25.4 45p x 60p
Full Page 7.5 x 10 19.05 x 25.4 45p x 60p
Half Page 7.5 x 4.9167 19.05 x 12.172 45p x 29p6
Quarter Page 3.6667 x 4.9167 9.134 x 12.172 22p x 29p6

Unique Combination of Content & Distribution

Unique Combination of Content & Distribution

Key decision makers and influential course owners and operators are often inaccessible, but GolfStatus magazine reaches them directly. The publication features timely industry insights, information on the latest business technologies available to courses, and coverage of some of the most innovative ideas in golf—all the while showing courses how GolfStatus’s innovative platform and evolving solutions help them capitalize. In short, GolfStatus magazine captivates the interest of both private course owners and public course operators making purchasing decisions about the equipment needed to maintain courses all over the country.


Online Advertising

Online Advertising

In conjunction with, GolfStatus advertisers also receive online exposure for equipment advertised in print. Designed to complement the print editions of TractorHouse, includes thousands of for-sale listings, including parts and auction results. These listings are displayed through a searchable, user-friendly interface, which lets visitors access for-sale listings from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Beyond the for-sale listings, also includes features that help buyers immediately locate and contact dealers of agricultural and mowing equipment. Regular advertisers are listed in the dealer database and are offered the option of having their own website designed and hosted by It also features a messaging system that lets buyers contact dealers about specific agricultural equipment for sale.

Online Advertising Rates. Contact your sales representative for clarification on these charges.

Online/Cost per Run
Featured Home Page Ad: $1,980
Listings Banner Ad: $95 to $795
Attachment Banner Ad: $395
Parts Banner Ad: $395
Weekly Email Banner Ad: $2,995

Animated Ads. The cost to run an animated ad is double the listed price above. They must be in GIF format, and the total size must be less than 200 KB. Contact your sales representative for clarification on these charges.

Online Advertising Sizes. Desktop and mobile sizes for all online ads are listed below.

Online AdDesktop Size In Pixels (w x h)Mobile Size In Pixels
Featured Home Page Ad207 x 400400 x 50
Listings, Attachments & Parts Banner Ads770 x 120400 x 50
Weekly Email Banner Ad570 x 120---

Submitting Ads

Submitting Ads

Sandhills Publishing follows the direct-to-plate prepress production process and does not output film. We ask that all ads submitted on disc or via email follow these standards:

Discs. Sandhills Publishing prefers to receive electronic versions of ads; if that is not possible, we are able to output files from a CD-ROM or DVD.

Programs. Ads should be created in InDesign CC or earlier versions on either PC or Mac operating systems. Sandhills Publishing’s prepress process is PC-based, and all Macintosh-based documents are imported to Windows prior to output.

Fonts. Sandhills Publishing will not download any fonts or accept any fonts on disc. A list of fonts available through Sandhills Publishing is included in this document. When submitting ads on disc, please adhere to the following font usage standards:

  1. Design the ad using our fonts.
  2. Design the ad using your own fonts. Once the ad is received by Sandhills Publishing, those fonts will be substituted with the fonts listed in this document. You may specify which fonts you would prefer to have substituted, or we will make the selection for you.
  3. You may use your own fonts when creating text in Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator CC (or earlier versions), or Photoshop CC (or earlier versions), but you must convert the text to curves, outlines, or paths. The text will then be read as a graphic, not individual fonts. Doing this will also make the text uneditable. Please export Corel Draw files as Photoshop documents.
  4. Minimum type size is 7 point with no less than 7-point leading. Tracking should be no less than zero, and the horizontal and vertical scale should be no less than 100%.
  5. Black type is always recommended for small text.

Graphics. When submitting ads on disc or by email, be sure to include all of the graphics (TIFF and EPS) used in the ad. All images should be saved in an “uncompressed” format. Include a reference sheet listing the file name of the document to be output and all of the file names of the graphics used in the ad. Graphics must be a minimum of 200 dpi and use CMYK color space.

PDF Files. Once received, PDF files will be opened in Photoshop CC and prepared for placement in an InDesign CC document. Make sure all fonts are embedded.

Photos. After downloading the photos from the camera, save them in a JPEG file format with high-quality compression and excellent image quality.

Photos sent on disc, by email, or via the Internet should be taken and submitted at the resolution for the appropriate picture size. (See table below.) The product should fill the picture frame. Minimal cropping will occur. Save the pictures in either the JPEG, TIFF, or EPS file formats. Please note, when saving files as JPEG, use the excellent image quality setting.

Digital Camera Resolution (Pixels)Photo Size In Print (Inches)
1,024 x 7685 x 4
800 x 6004 x 3
640 x 4803 x 2

Colors. All colors used in the ad or contained in any of the graphics placed in the ad must be based on CMYK process color. Pantone® only spot colors must be changed to CMYK. An addition of 15% cyan to all large areas of black is recommended. When black text is used, it should consist of only 100% black.

Misc. All ads submitted must include a hard-copy printed version of the final ad. Please fax a printed version of the ad when sending ads through email.

All ads submitted for the first time must be received by Sandhills Publishing prior to the ad deadline. This will allow Sandhills Publishing to run a compatibility test to troubleshoot and resolve any problems prior to the deadline.

Any ads submitted on disc or via email that do not comply with the above guidelines will be returned regardless of the print schedule. Exceptions will not be made to any of these procedures.

Payment. All invoices are due and payable 30 days upon receipt.

Requirements. Please furnish digital images (pixel count of 1,024 x 768 pixels is preferred) or 3.5- x 5.5-inch or 4- x 6-inch (8.89- x 13.97-cm or 10.16- x 15.24-cm) standard-sized 35mm color prints. Color prints remain the property of Sandhills Publishing.

Advertising material not meeting our requirements will be reduced or enlarged at the Publication Manager’s discretion.

The publication manager reserves the right to reject, discontinue, or omit any advertisement or part thereof. This right shall not be deemed to have been waived by acceptance or actual use of any advertising material.

Photo Boxes For Print
• 1.667 x 1.167 inches or 4.23 x 2.96 cm or 10p x 7p
• 2.333 x 1.667 inches or 5.93 x 4.23 cm or 14p x 10p
• 2.917 x 2 inches or 7.41 x 5.08 cm or 17p6 x 12p

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