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Do more with less.

Simplify tournaments, connect with golfers, save time & money.


Golf courses are always trying to do more with less. Resource, maintenance, and operational costs are on the rise; attracting and retaining golfers is increasingly challenging; and your time is less abundant and more valuable than ever. A little technology can go a long way, and nowhere is that sentiment more apparent than when it comes to launching and managing tournaments. Not only can technology help—it doesn’t have to be complex or costly. GolfStatus® is shaking up the industry with technology that’s simple and straightforward.

Oh, and it’s free.



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Tournaments made easy.

Organizing, launching, running, and scoring tournaments is a breeze with TMS from GolfStatus. Golfers use the app to enter tournaments, while tournament organizers streamline everything on the backend using the GolfStatus Partner Dashboard. GolfStatus automates both sides, making tournament entry, participation, and scoring quick, easy, and painless.


GolfStatus is just so easy to use! It doesn’t take long to set up an outing. You import or enter the players and format, do hole assignments, and the event is up and ready to go.
— Chad Manes / Assistant Head Professional at ArborLinks Golf Course

Automated Push

Communicate news of promotional rates, events, tee-time availability, and more. Fill empty spots on your tee sheet in real time, or pre-schedule news to push automatically in the future.

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Reward Your Golfers

Winning may not be everything, but it does make just about everything better. It’s even more glorious when there’s a prize involved, and it’s something you actually want—like a sleeve of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls, a new pair of Oakleys, a TravisMathew polo, or a free beer from the clubhouse. Turns out winning is even better when you get rewarded just for playing the game you love.


Industry Leading Engaagement Rate


On average, golfers accept GolfStatus rewards 96.7% of the time—great news for courses who reap the benefits of interactions with golfers through offers they want.



Social Network

Easily transform golfers into word-of-mouth marketers.                                                                                                 

Modern Email Marketing

Automation, segmentation, list management, and more.                                                                                  

Mobile Friendly Websites

Responsive design with e-commerce, event registration, blog, POS, and tee sheet integration.   

Full Service Support     

A fully managed solution. We take on more so you can focus on managing your club.                                              

GolfStatus is the revenue source your course is missing.

See GolfStatus can revolutionize your course management.

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