FREE hole-by-hole GPS is here!

When GolfStatus first started, we held off on adding hole-by-hole GPS because the technology available was slow, inaccurate, and drained a phone’s battery. However, over time, smartphone technology and cellular networks have advanced. Today, we are happy to announce the addition of an accurate, battery-efficient GPS rangefinder to the iOS version of GolfStatus. If you use an iPhone, be sure to download the new version 4.1. (Don’t worry Android users, your GolfStatus GPS version is in the oven and should be done shortly.)

FREE, hole-by-hole GPS, providing you with accurate yardages to the front, back, and center of every green (note: this feature will not appear unless you are close to the course):

If you don’t want to use GPS during your round, you can always turn it off:

We give you an accuracy meter, so you know if the cellular network is acting up in your area:

Plus, we have a bonus feature for GHIN users: You can now post directly from the end-of-round screen, instead of waiting for the tee confirmation notification.

And, we've made it easier to see past performance under the Rounds Played screen, located on your profile:

Ryan CooperComment